The new best friend of the Des Moines area.


Whether it's an interview uncovering someone's childhood or showing off what someone made; we created and continue to work on MADE IN DSM for the people who love Des Moines and the people who will continue to discover how great this city is.

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Started by two friends

We are from Iowa and no matter where we have ventured on our different paths something has always pulled us back to the Des Moines area. 

Derek has always lived in Iowa and growing up in high school him and his friends would always talk about leaving Iowa. He then attended college in Ames, Iowa at Iowa State University. While attending college, Des Moines continued to grow and become better and better. Soon during his final year of college he realized he didn’t want to leave Iowa at all and moved to West Des Moines. 

Andrew has lived in Kansas, Massachusetts, and South Carolina; however, after all the years has ultimately ended up back in Iowa. Many people have asked, “Why in the hell would you want to come back to Iowa of all places?” Andrew’s typical answer is something very basic; however, lately he has answered very strongly that he is just continuously pulled back in by the familiarity of Iowa. It seems that the persons in Iowa always respect and cherish what many in other cities take for granted. 

We want to remind people why Des Moines matters. By collaborating with other great designers, companies, and start-ups we plan on showing what’s great about Des Moines, Iowa.

The idea of MADE IN DSM was sparked when we thought about promoting the feel and nature of this different kind of city we call Des Moines, Iowa. We want to discover and uncover its history, celebrate what’s happening and promote any future visions we dream about or just simply want or need. We’re going to have some fun with MADE IN DSM and hope you will join us on this new venture with the focus of everything MADE IN DSM.