Celebrating 2016

Dear you lovely people of DSM —

Andrew and I couldn't believe how much has happened since we started this project in June of this year. We are truly grateful for all that this community has done to support our efforts. And we couldn't be happier to continue to do the same for everyone in 2017 and many more years to come! Thank you DSM!



Here's the stats ...

28 chats published, 2 chats in progress, 3,428 people have visited, 10,620 views, released 2 versions of our site (see our footer) 1,116 followers on Instagram, 909 likes on Facebook, released 2 vlogs with over 1,000 views, and 71 people are subscribed to The Bulletin Board.

and these are some of our favorite quotes ...


Emily Boyd

From one maker to another what is your tip or advice? Be kind to yourself. You'll mess up, you'll say something dumb, people won't always like you or your work. Show yourself some compassion and keep doing what makes you light up inside.

Ben Schuh

How did you get into designing and making murals?  In terms of getting into creating murals I typically look for requests for proposals. The process for me to design and make a mural is fairly straightforward. I do research, build digital comps, review options, and build proposals. After that, it's all about working with the clients. Each project is unique and it is my goal to make my work memorable.

John Bosley

Why do you call Des Moines home? Des Moines is such a thriving small town disguised as a larger city. It's got everything the Kansas City's and Chicago's of the world have, and it costs almost half the price to live. The people are friendly and creative culture is really growing and supportive. I feel really fortunate to call Des Moines home and financially support myself with my prints and shirts.

Tia Rodemeyer

If you could grant the Des Moines one wish what would it be and why? We have the opportunity to literally shape the art scene of a city on the rise. We need people who want to step up and put themselves out there and get things done, and make themselves vulnerable with new ideas and take a chance.

My one wish for Des Moines is that we, the local creators and makers and do-ers don't squander this chance. Cities don't get this opportunity very often. 


What we're thinking for 2017

Supporting YOU

Since day one we set out to chat with everyone in the Des Moines area that was doing something on the side or their own thing full-time.


From showcasing other workshops in the area to hosting our own sponsored workshops we look to help shine a spotlight on existing makers and inspire new makers.


At the end of the day we are here for the Des Moines area and it's local business and maker community. If someone wants to help us support they can come here and buy things.

More merch!

Working together with other local makers is something we want pursue on several new items that support both our and their efforts.


Thank you for your support.


Started by two friends

We are from Iowa and no matter where we have ventured on our different paths something has always pulled us back to the Des Moines area. 

We want to remind people why Des Moines matters. By collaborating with other great designers, companies, and start-ups we plan on showing what’s great about Des Moines, Iowa.

The idea of MADE IN DSM was sparked when we thought about promoting the feel and nature of this different kind of city we call Des Moines, Iowa. We want to discover and uncover its history, celebrate what’s happening and promote anything that deserves to be noticed.