Kevin Jones

You'll find Sgt. Jones running Subsect, skateboarding, and spending time with family.

Tell us what your childhood home was like. Pretty standard home. Grew up on the southside of Des Moines. I did normal kid stuff. Played baseball and my dad was my coach and then around 10 years old I found skateboarding and then that slowly became the only thing I did. When the weather was good I was out of the house with just random check ins with ma and pa.

What was your favorite subject in grade school? I had no talent, but I always liked art class. I did have some good teachers in science and history through out the years that got me stoked. 

Why do you call Des Moines home? Des Moines is where I grew up. I love it here. With skateboarding you always want to go explore and that leads you into new cities and as much as I would have fun it was always rad to get back. This city is the perfect size for me. Lots of rad people doing rad stuff and people really back one another. 

If you could write the Des Moines area a mission statement what would it be? Des Moines a good size city, but keeping that small town tight community feeling.

What's currently keeping you busy? The shop takes most of my time for sure, but the kids and wife always keep me going to things. I am also involved with the fundraising efforts for the Des Moines skatepark. 

What is one thing you can leave home without other than your phone? Always my skateboard. You never know when a session is going to break out or you see something new to skate.

Walk us through your typical weekend. When do weekends officially start? I say Friday so I will start there. I start the day with a good skateboard sash at a park and then get some coffee and head into the shop. I love Fridays because everyone is always in a good mood. After the shop closes if there are no kids games I liked to get home and have a nice dinner with my wife. As I have gotten older a really appreciate a nice relaxing Friday night home.

On Saturdays when the farmers market is going on I like to get to the shop early. I love all the people walking around it puts off a good vibe and it brings people down that normally don't come to down town. I then try to get out of the shop between 2-3 and let my rad employees do their thing. Get home bang out some yard work and then that becomes date night with my wife. The good thing about Des Moines right now is the endless of rad things going on.

Then on Sunday if things didn't get to rowdy the night before I get up and go skate for a few hours. Sunday are my one day off from the shop so I try to stay clear. Skate for a few hours then head home to check off somethings from the honey do list.

Convince us to visit one of your favorite places outside in the Des Moines area. This is a hard one. I am a fan of all the choices of good patio bars/resturants that are in downtown, but I don't have a favorite. When we get this skatepark that will be my favorite outside place to be for sure. Even if I am not skating. Skateparks have a good energy to them.

Other then that I love downtown Des Moines on a really Sunday morning. It always has this peacefulness to it. I'll just park and go push around on my skateboard. I highly recommend it. I'd tell someone that walks around Grays Lake to take a break every once in awhile and just go walk around downtown on a Sunday morning.

If you could grant the Des Moines area one wish what would it be? This one is easy, a skatepark. I have said it before an I will keep saying it, skateparks bring good energy to the area. I love the Principal river walk, but for the most part it is used to get to point a to point b. Besides for a nice scenery there is not much reasons to stop any where on it. I think people will stop and watch people using the skatepark and I think over time that will add to more things to happen on the river walk.

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