Liz Lidgett

Liz is on a mission to help the arts scene in Des Moines with more murals to come in 2017.

As a kid what do you remember doing all the time? Some kids have blankies they carry around—I had a sketchbook with me at all times. I was never bored because I would just draw whatever was in front of me at the time.

Why do you call Des Moines home? I’m what they call a “boomeranger.” I was born and raised in Des Moines, moved away for college and then on to Los Angeles for my masters, and when school was all done, I knew Des Moines was it. My husband, Nick, (also from Des Moines) and I would come back for the holidays and see how the city was changing. We wanted to be able to make an impact on our community and help the arts scene. In Des Moines you have the chance to make real, concrete change with a great idea and a good work ethic. This community rallies around each other. People want to see each other succeed here.

"In Des Moines you have the chance to make real, concrete change with a great idea and a good work ethic."

What’s currently keeping you busy? My company, Adore Your Walls, is growing quickly. Locally, we work with corporations, local businesses, restaurants, and homeowners to help them find the perfect piece of artwork for their space. We also have recently launched the Des Moines Walls Project where we are creating more opportunities for murals throughout the city. Our most recently project was the new “Cheers to Des Moines” mural with Ben Schuh at Exile Brewery. Nationally, we work with major brands, like Better Homes and Gardens and Apartment Therapy, on content creation focused on art. I have a passion for educating people about buying and decorating with art—you do not have to be a millionaire to collect art!

What are you most proud of and why? I am most proud of the times when I get to create new opportunities for artists to create and work. I love collaborating with artists to create commissions and site-specific pieces. I feel best when I just collapse into bed at the end of a hard-worked day, knowing that I was able to help a client create a more beautiful and creative home, or create a new piece of public art for Des Moines. I’m a crusader against blank walls and there are so many places in this city, state, and country, that could use some art!

 "You do not have to be a millionaire to collect art."

Where would you want to see a mural whether that be by you or another artist? First and foremost, I believe the more the merrier with murals. I am excited anytime I see new and great art whether I was a part of it or not. But of course, I hope the murals I work on are the most successful for the artist, the client, and the final piece. I’d love to see murals covering the back alleys in the East Village or all up and down Ingersoll Ave. We have a lot of fun locations we are working on for 2017.

If you could write the Des Moines area a mission statement what would it be? A thriving community where people have opportunities to live, work, and enjoy life.

Walk us through your typical weekend?  A weekend that somehow balances relaxation, time with friends and family, and a little bit of work thrown in is a good one. During the summer, I do my best to do something outdoors each day with Nick. We love to go swim, play tennis, or take a long run together. We’re also big roadtrippers, so if the weather is nice, we like to head out and see somewhere new.

"I had a sketchbook with me at all times."

Convince us to visit one of your favorite places in the Des Moines area. I love the Des Moines Art Center. I have had a love affair with it since I was about 4 years old and began taking art lessons there. The fact that we have such a world-class institution (including both the art and architecture) in a city of our size is incredible. Plus, it’s free. If it’s nice out, take a walk in the rose garden and see some of the outdoor sculpture or sit by the reflecting pool in the courtyard and have lunch. If it’s cooler, come inside and see artwork by some of the greatest artists this world has ever known.

Photo credit: Rick Lozier

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